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Our primary goal is to provide our clients with their desired final product on time, and on budget. We provide consumers with a single point of contact providing reliable, professional quality contractors and licensed trades. Our trades are licensed, insured and experienced in the renovations and new construction industry of the Mississauga area.

Add Value to Your House!!!

Even just 4/5 years ago, it would have been in straight comparison, simple to sell a house without doing any exterior or interior renovations in Ontario at all. With advent in time, taste of people looking to buy houses have changed too. This current situation in the housing market has made interior renovations in Ontario absolutely necessary. Repainting and replacing tired old aspects should be standard, but whether you have new furniture and a fitting installed is up to you. Sometimes the smallest of changes can make a huge difference to a house. Many might argue that they sold their houses easily; homes with fresh, updated spaces always sell first and for the most money.

Before you decide to sell your home, renovating both the outside and the inside is a very good idea. Not only will you be more likely to sell your house, you’ll probably sell it faster and for a higher price too! You could always sell the house as it is, but you won’t be getting the best return on your investment that way.

If you are serious about selling your house, big interior renovations in Ontario is not the only way. There are small things you can do to if you don’t have enough cash to perform big renovations. For example, baking sweet treats before a viewing has been proven to give the visitors a more ‘homely’ feel when looking around, as they love the smell. It can’t hurt to leave them out to snack on, either! Another popular technique is to create as much space as possible, even in cupboards and areas meant for storage. This allows viewers to envision what they can do with the space themselves after they move in to the house.

Wood Fences Builders Ontario

Wood Fences not only add a rustic charm to your house. It also adds on the homeliness. Added to it is the advantage of added value to it. A properly designed and constructed wood fence can set you apart from the drab designs surrounding you.

One of the oldest players in the market, Wood Essence is the contractor that can aid you with your wood fence project right from the beginning till the very end. An experienced and specialized staff is what our company is built upon and we can frankly boast of having a set of best wood fences builders Ontario. Our staff comprises of hard working, honest and reliable builders to offer the Ontario area high-quality fencing services.

With over a decade of experience in the industry, our fence work is of the highest quality. We are always striving to assure each and every one of our customers is more than satisfied with our work in every dimension when the job is actually done.

Upfront information about the costs and realistic interpretation of the project to the client has always worked for us. For more information or to schedule an appointment, please call us at (416) 560-6493


Our Other Services Include:

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Pergola designers in Ontario

Pergola designers in Ontario : Here at Wood Essence, ‘beautiful’ is not the end for us. In Wood Essence, we are not satisfied with beautiful. This is why you can experience the continuous striving for perfection from our staff. We know a well kept garden is beautiful but we can take it one step further into being a perfect garden. A garden something you, your family and friends will enjoy equally. This can be achieved aesthetically through addition of traditional, modern or contemporary pergolas.

A well constructed pergola does three major things for your home. Firstly, it gives a great lift your garden appearance-wise. Secondly, it adds the touch of homeliness to the garden. And lastly, it makes your house even more welcoming and attractive as a whole. Wood Essence is the boasts of best pergola designers in Ontario. Our workers are more than capable of implementing those designs on your garden. This is something we have known in our long years of service. Our pergola designers in Ontario have completed countless projects in gardens like yours.

Various materials and varying designs of pergolas can be used to achieve different purposes. Our pergola designers in Ontario will customize the pergolas as per your specific needs and requirements. You can easily add a rustic charm to your home with a traditional brick and pillar pergola. Also, a wooden pergola can easily give your garden a natural feel. Here at Wood Essence, we have it all be it the designs or materials. We also work with low maintenance pergolas constructed using vinyl, fiberglass, aluminum or CPVC.

Any pergola that is well constructed will make your garden lovelier. A well-crafted and placed pergola will add homeliness and value to your house. If you want to make your home and garden lovelier by adding a well crafted and placed pergola, the best pergola designers in Ontario can be found waiting to serve you in Wood Essence, just a phone call away.

Our Other Services Include:


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Commercial Service

Wood Essence is a Mississauga based construction company providing design/build, general contracting, and construction management services for commercial build-outs, remodels, and tenant improvement projects in the Peel , York and Halton regions. Whether your project involves building out a retail store or restaurant; renovating interior office or medical space; constructing an addition to a church or school; remodelling a hotel or hospital or any other commercial construction project, Wood Essence is here for you, hands on the project and providing turnkey solutions. We pride ourselves on representing the best interests of our clients, managing budgets, schedules, and subcontractors efficiently and cost effectively.

Commercial Projects:

Residential Service

Renovating your existing home can be a huge undertaking, but with the right contractor, it can turn your house into a personalized dream home . Wood Essence takes great pride in providing a service strong in craftsmanship and client satisfaction. We work and consult with you every step of the way, from the design of your new space to the selection of quality products, while keeping in mind budget solutions and price consciousness.

Whether your project involves building a custom home or a complete base finishing or building an addition or renovating your kitchen and washroom or any other residential project, Wood Essence is here for you , hands on the project and providing turn-key solutions. We pride ourselves on representing the best interests of our clients, managing budgets, schedules, and subcontractors efficiently and cost effectively..

List Of Services

IKEA Kitchen Installations in Mississauga

IKEA kitchen installations in Mississauga: As endorsed IKEA kitchen installers, we, here at Wood Essence,  have worked with numerous clients to give their kitchen the perfect feel by working with them from the planning process to installation phase; all because we have been doing and know best about the IKEA kitchen installations in Mississauga.  We sit down with you, take on your view about how you want the kitchen to look and then design most efficient, functional and tasteful layout for your kitchen.

IKEA kitchens called METOD; Swedish for method represent most efficient and beautiful kitchen that can be installed in your pre-existing space. The first process towards a beautiful kitchen is exact measurement of space in your kitchen and trust us we measure it in millimeters to be exact. Then there is the process of dreaming and subsequent planning. You can browse the collection from IKEA website or IKEA store near you and follow their planner tutorial to plan your dream kitchen. Or easier even, you can ask with the expert at the store itself. And even easier, you can contact us so that we can sit down, plan and design your dream kitchen and bring it into reality for you.

The final process we go through is installation process. Wood-Essence offers you fully coordinated installation services that can save you valuable time, especially when it comes to the trickier jobs like worktops and appliances. With services from Wood-Essence, you can sit back and relax while we measure out, plan, design and install the perfect IKEA kitchen for you. The METOD kitchen from IKEA gives you total freedom to personalize your kitchen layout, style and functionality. You can rest assured of quality of kitchen from IKEA and quality of installations from us.

As professionals, we offer kitchen measuring services during installations. It takes all the guesswork and throws it out of window. Wood Essence has done some of the best IKEA kitchen installations in Mississauga because we are precise to the umpteenth degree. Contract terms and time permitting, we can help you with kitchen electrical and kitchen plumbing. It is so that you can bring your dream kitchen into practice without any cranks.

Whether you are still in planning process or have bought an IKEA kitchen and require professionals for installation, we are the ones here to help.

Our IKEA kitchen installation service includes:

*excluding 3rd-party granite or other stone counter tops

If you need professional IKEA kitchen installations in Mississauga, we are just a phone call away.

Our Other Services Include:


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Outdoor Structures

“At Wood Essence we offer a wide variety of our own unique designs of all exterior structures: fences and privacy walls, decks, pergolas, gazebos and utility sheds. We design and build them using innovative construction techniques. Our garden structures are meant to last long time as we deploy not only the highest quality of workmanship and materials but foremost our philosophy – we treat them as furniture, just placed outdoors. This specific approach makes Wood Essence a truly caring company in every aspect of designing and building process and also very open and sensitive for all its customers’ requirements, ideas and their dreams that we turn them into reality. Furthermore, we design and create a beautiful landscaping background that completes this picture.

Our professional handling of this quite complicated process is in fact very simple and clear for every customer that receives detailed and readable scope of work, plan and budget projections with all potential price options in terms of design, labor or materials. A good budget checklist can help to develop a realistic cost of the project before it starts.

Some of the items to include are:

  1. Design considerations (style, materials, size etc.)
  2. Unique site conditions and surrounding
  3. Permit and inspection costs
  4. Waste disposal”

Interior Renovations in Ontario

Interior Renovations in Ontario : As a full service construction and renovation company, interior renovations comes as a large part of our job description. We have worked with numerous clients in and around Ontario for their renovations of used/unused spaces in their homes and offices into functional areas. A great interior renovation can dramatically improve the appearance and values of your house, a concept we understand all too well in Wood Essence.

The experts at Wood Essence have years of experience and numerous interior renovation projects under their belt. We will work together with you to decide the optimal interior renovation Ontario designs in regards to your home’s physical structure, fundamental bases as well as your personal needs. After all, we feel that our efforts are wasted if we cannot lift your house aesthetically after the project has been completed.

There are numerous reasons or may be for starting interior renovations Ontario project and with us, the possibilities are endless. Maybe there is a small bundle of joys coming to your home and you want to dedicate a space for him/her to enjoy freely. Or maybe some parts of your home have gone to complete disrepair due to prolonged absence. Are you constantly entertaining? You may want to renovate that man-cave or entertaining area for guests you built ages ago.

We are not going to sugar coat this for you. Any and all kinds of interior renovations Ontario project is going to create stress on you and your family. At the same time, it is a promise from us here at Wood Essence that we will try to remove that stress as far as possible. It will probably be noisy for a while, and you may have more people walking around than normal. The interior renovations Ontario team from Wood Essence is very respectful and will do everything in their power to ensure that your life can continue as normally as possible with little interference from our team.

With no short-cuts, hidden costs and empty promises, we deliver what we are required to deliver as per your choice. Fundamentals of a great interior renovation are quality craftsmanship, integrity and commitment; and here at Wood Essence we guarantee you all. Our team of professional renovators working under the guidance of the owner, Slawomir Adrian, a hands-on construction and renovation contractor can guarantee proper attention and full devotion to your particular project.

Interior renovations in Ontario provided by Wood Essence include construction or design of following in your house or office.

Our Other Services Include:

If you are in need of professional interior renovations in Ontario, Wood Essence is just a call or click away.

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Basement Designs Ontario

Basement Designs Ontario :A renovated basement is not only an added living space in your home but can serve multiple functions. The growing trend of converting basement into self-contained flats, home office, rental suites or entertainment room is not unjustified considering how a beautiful basement goes towards lifting up the vigor of your house. A well-fitted and managed basement not only adds living space to your home but also maximizes its value. While many homeowners argue that basement is smoothing that does not count towards value of the house, we disagree to that. A well renovated and well-fitted basement can sometime be the key that uplifts the overall value of your home. It is a fact we have established from numerous basement design projects we have completed in countless years we have been on business.

Contrary to the popular concept of basement being a dark and dingy area where ghosts and serial killers lurk (thanks to Hollywood) , it can be made into a bright and welcoming area functioning as office or residence or may be a leisure area. The possibilities are endless and Wood Essence, basement designers of Ontario is always there to help your basement realize its potential.

Rather than being a space that nobody wants and nobody really cares about, you can turn a basement into something exciting.  Designers from Wood Essence have completed numerous basement design projects over countless years of experience.  And that is the reason why we are so confident about our end products after every basement design and renovation projects we undertake. We understand that basement design and renovation undertaking can seem to be overwhelming, but with us from wood essence at your service, it will go smooth as butter. It’s a promise we he successfully kept in our long time in the business.

Wood Essence provides you with a wide array of pre-designed basement models or works with you to put your custom design into practice. We are not the most trusted name in basement designs in and around Ontario for nothing. And since we are a family here at wood essence, we love creating a space in the basement for the whole family to enjoy in heir downtime. Apart from that we a slo specialize in personalization and customization of basement design wich caters to every need you can think of; as long as it is structurally possible. Our team of basement designers ad renovators have successfully converted used/unused basement into:

When it comes to basement design or redesign/renovations in and around Ontario, we are the contractor you need.

Our Other Services Include:


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