IKEA Kitchen Installations in Mississauga

IKEA Kitchen Installations in Mississauga

IKEA kitchen installations in Mississauga: As endorsed IKEA kitchen installers, we, here at Wood Essence,  have worked with numerous clients to give their kitchen the perfect feel by working with them from the planning process to installation phase; all because we have been doing and know best about the IKEA kitchen installations in Mississauga.  We sit down with you, take on your view about how you want the kitchen to look and then design most efficient, functional and tasteful layout for your kitchen.

IKEA kitchens called METOD; Swedish for method represent most efficient and beautiful kitchen that can be installed in your pre-existing space. The first process towards a beautiful kitchen is exact measurement of space in your kitchen and trust us we measure it in millimeters to be exact. Then there is the process of dreaming and subsequent planning. You can browse the collection from IKEA website or IKEA store near you and follow their planner tutorial to plan your dream kitchen. Or easier even, you can ask with the expert at the store itself. And even easier, you can contact us so that we can sit down, plan and design your dream kitchen and bring it into reality for you.

The final process we go through is installation process. Wood-Essence offers you fully coordinated installation services that can save you valuable time, especially when it comes to the trickier jobs like worktops and appliances. With services from Wood-Essence, you can sit back and relax while we measure out, plan, design and install the perfect IKEA kitchen for you. The METOD kitchen from IKEA gives you total freedom to personalize your kitchen layout, style and functionality. You can rest assured of quality of kitchen from IKEA and quality of installations from us.

As professionals, we offer kitchen measuring services during installations. It takes all the guesswork and throws it out of window. Wood Essence has done some of the best IKEA kitchen installations in Mississauga because we are precise to the umpteenth degree. Contract terms and time permitting, we can help you with kitchen electrical and kitchen plumbing. It is so that you can bring your dream kitchen into practice without any cranks.

Whether you are still in planning process or have bought an IKEA kitchen and require professionals for installation, we are the ones here to help.

Our IKEA kitchen installation service includes:

  • Kitchen planning service
  • Professional IKEA Kitchen Installers
  • All kitchen cabinets assembly and installation
  • Kitchen countertop installation*
  • Demolition, removal and disposal of old cabinets

*excluding 3rd-party granite or other stone counter tops

If you need professional IKEA kitchen installations in Mississauga, we are just a phone call away.

Our Other Services Include:


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